Benefits & Rewards

At SIRO, we believe retention of employees is critical to the long term health and success of the organization. It ensures good working culture, high levels of customer satisfaction, and happy employees. We have designed our rewards and benefits to retain and remunerate our talented employees who contribute to the organization's success in tangible and intangible ways as follows :

Employee Health
The employees of SIRO are covered adequately according to the respective country standards, ie. In India under Group Medi-claim Insurance scheme and Personal Accident Insurance scheme. In addition, "Wellness programs" along with "Stress management sessions" are also conducted for the employees.

Good Work Life Balance
At SIRO, we believe that it is imperative to have good work-life balance for our employees. There are various amenities that are provided to the employees in support of this belief, be it availing flexi-time option or compensatory off among others.

Fun at SIRO
We are serious about 'fun' at SIRO. SIROites participate in several activities on monthly and annual basis thus showcasing their other latent talents in fields of music, art, sports, etc.

Picnic and team get together parties are encouraged enthusiastically to build cohesive teams and to bring out the feeling of oneness.

Reward & Recognition at SIRO
The best part of being at SIRO is 'you' would be recognized for your good work and rewarded through systematized reward programs. Besides recognizing the individual contribution to the organization, teams also receive accolades.

We also reward employees who have been associated with SIRO on long term basis as SIRO believes in encouraging and recognizing employees who have stood by us with lot of commitment.