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Clinical Trial Storage Facility

Clinical Trial Storage Facility
SIRO Clinpharm has a state-of-art, GMP compliant, clinical supplies storage facility. It is strategically located in the heart of the country, making all corners easily accessible by all means, air, water or land. The facility is continuously in check for quality controls by a dedicated quality assurance team. It has been audited by various multinational companies and inspected by the local FDA.

SIRO clinical supplies facility is equipped to manage and store products that require the highest quality of care.
  • Clinical trial products
  • Marketed products
  • Medical devices
  • Diagnostics
  • APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredient)

Located in Mumbai, we have easy access to the Mumbai airport for imported shipments. We have experience in successfully handling shipments through imports, managing their stringent storage requirements and control the distribution to various sites all across India through our rigorous quality assurance process.

The SIRO Clinical Trial Supplies Facility has seen many large to medium pharmaceutical companies successfully manage their investigational products through our services.

The facility has 3 types of compartmentalized storage:
  • Ambient : 15 to 25 degree C
  • Cold: 2 to 8 degree C
  • Frozen: -20 to -80 degree C

It is equipped with advanced storage technology for all temperatures, with temperature monitors located all across the facility and security systems that ensure the safety of your products.