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Clinical Trial Supplies Management

Establishing Firm Grounds for Your Trials
As biopharmaceutical companies expand their operations, the various components of the trial see variations as per the local regulations and infrastructure. One of the key drivers of a safe clinical trial is the supply chain management for the drug that is being administered. Given that factors like temperature sensitivity, regulatory compliance, safety and security of the drug has huge impacts on timelines and costs of a study, sponsors and CROs have realized the need to focus on Clinical Trial Supply Management.

SIRO Clinpharm is one of the few clinical research organizations in the Indian sub-continent to offer clinical trial supplies (CTS) management services. Our fully equipped CTS facility is located in Mumbai and is well connected to all parts of the country. We offer end-to-end supply solutions, from the import of investigational product to distributing and retrieving the same from investigational sites, and finally destroying it under appropriate conditions.