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Early Phase

The ultimate goal for every company with a product at the registration stage is to get to the market faster than competitors. This process is however, increasingly burdened by high costs, stringent regulatory requirements, disparate databases and a short supply of patients and investigators. As you embark on this challenging journey, you'll need a partner that you can trust to deliver results on time and on budget.

We have been called on several times to rescue global studies for registration, stalled due to recruitment and other issues and our efforts have made the critical difference between success and failure.

Our proven track record of accelerated patient recruitment, using expertise, is a significant value-add for Phase II trials. Our approach means that we ensure rapid site start-up, ongoing motivation and delivery of results on time. In addition to therapeutic experience across multiple therapeutic specialties, SIRO is a specialist in clinical development in oncology, CNS, infectious diseases and Diabetes.

Our clinicians, project staff, regulatory and therapeutic experts are committed to the highest quality dstandards. Our globally validated SOPs, communications systems and experienced staff ensure excellence in all our efforts. With SIRO you can look forward to receiving quality data within budget, on time, every time.