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Excellentia - SIRO Centre of Excellence
Excellence is the credo by which SIRO Clinpharm has been delivering quality work since its inception. We have intuitively built it within the way we work not just to deliver quality but to pave way for innovation. We believe that now is the time for us to articulate our excellent way of working, moving from the tacit to the explicit, thus making it possible to offer our valuable experience and work ethic in a more crystallised manner for our clients, and the industry at large.

EXCELLENTIA is therefore established as SIRO's Centre of Excellence: focused on driving excellence in every functional aspect of SIRO's working, articulating that drive for the benefit of the industry, and sharing the related knowledge and skills with those who are keen to build careers in this sector.

EXCELLENTIA is also focused on developing talent within SIRO, honing it for individual and functional learning & growth.

Awareness. Application. Ascension.
We believe that it is critical to first be aware of what one needs to know or do for personal and functional growth, and then apply that awareness in a consistent and continuous manner to ascend to the next level.

With every individual focused on such an awareness-application-ascension path, each function becomes ready and able to grow to the next level, thus taking the entire organisation up another notch.