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For Investigators

Clinical Research is a highly promising field throwing open numerous opportunities, most importantly to patients and also medical and allied fields.

Clinical research investigators play an integral role in clinical research by helping build newer therapies and getting them faster to those who need it the most.

SIRO Clinpharm is a global clinical research organisation with presence in Europe, Israel, India and US. We conduct clinical trials on behalf of global pharmaceutical/biotech companies.

This investigator database will serve as a convenient and potential platform for medical professionals interested in expanding their professional opportunities through clinical research by participating in the conduct of global scale, multi-country clinical trials.

  • The purpose of collecting your information is to know more about you and your research facility.
  • This information will be incorporated in our investigators' and sites' database and will be used during the process of identification of sites for clinical trials.
  • The information provided/collected in this form is proprietary to SIRO group of companies.
  • In order for a sponsor to make an informed decision when selecting investigators, SIRO may disclose to them your information obtained through this Investigator Registration form.
  • SIRO may also disclose this information to persons associated with the sponsors or regulatory authorities.
  • By providing this personal/professional information, you have consented to and authorized SIRO group of companies' personnel to store, review, process, transfer, and disclose this information as outlined, until such authorization is revoked by you in writing. SIRO group of companies may transfer this information to affiliates or third parties located within or outside of the country as required for the conduct of clinical trials.
  • SIRO group of companies do not charge any fees to be included in our Investigator Database.
  • By signing this information form you are not obliged by any contract with SIRO group of companies.
  • By enrolling in our database investigators increase their potential for participation in clinical trials in the contracts SIRO group of companies secures from its potential sponsors.
  • Investigators are free to decide whether to participate in the study or not. Mere enrollment into our database will not add any compelling obligations to investigators to participate in any clinical study trials.
  • Every time when there is a study with potential match to your information we approach you to verify your interest in the study participation.
  • Your information collected in the database is not used for any direct marketing purposes. SIRO group of companies are not legally bound to award a clinical study to you/ your site.
  • If you are providing information on behalf of another person, you will be solely responsible for the same and we will not be liable for the non correctness of the information.

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