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One Data One Team

BioPharma companies thrive on data generated through its multi-geography, multi-faceted studies. With SIRO's integrated teams of clinical data management, biostatistics & programing and medical writing, we create a team that is most adept at managing your data whilst keeping its integrity.

Some of the strengths of our clinical data management are flexibility, scalability and customer centricity. Our customer’s testimonials highlight our result-driven, customer-focus approach. This approach and simplified processes allow the team to share workloads seamlessly, adapt and deliver quickly with changing demands.

Timezones change, but work continues! To ensure this, we have developed virtual teams which leverage global shared platforms with remote connectivity, clear communication plans and an established task ownership matrix allowing us to provide flexi-time slots which ensure resource availability across different time zones.

Each project is led by a Clinical Data Management Project Manager who acts as one point of contact and co-ordinates with clinical operations, monitoring, pharmacovigilance, programming, biostatistics and medical writing teams. Based on the needs, the Project Manager can be located onsite, near shore or off shore. Assuming complete ownership of the study, the project manager drastically reduces the need for client’s oversight and provides continuous updates and real-time data, thus creating a powerful governance of the partnership.