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Pharmacoeconomic Studies

As health care systems worldwide come under pressure to contain escalating costs, pharmaceutical companies are faced with an increasing requirement to demonstrate value for money for their products. Pharmacoeconomic (PE) studies may become an important part of the product's credentials to
  • Achieve an optimal price
  • Obtain reimbursement
  • Secure a formulary place
  • Support product positioning
  • Demonstrate benefits beyond efficacy and safety

PE studies investigate the direct and/or indirect costs of a treatment and compare them to the "outcome" of the treatment. There are different types of PE studies according to the defined aims of such a study.

Data for economic analyses can be generated from a variety of study methodologies, each presenting diverse challenges, e.g. transferring "health" and "quality of life" into economical (financial) equivalents. The complexity of generating economic evidence relevant for different stakeholders in different health care settings requires a multidisciplinary approach to study design, execution, analysis and communication of findings.

SIRO has experience with pharmacoeconomic studies. As exclusive PE studies may become quite expensive, it is common to integrate pharmacoeconomic aspects in clinical studies of Phase III and IV ("piggy back"). We would like to assist you with this regard.