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Phase-wise Experience

SIRO Clinpharm offers a full spectrum of services that suit your clinical development plans, right from early phase to post-marketing.

We have a track record of accelerated patient recruitment, using our SIRO expertise, for Phase II trials as well as conducting Phase III and IV studies for global regulatory submissions.

We have successfully conducted studies ranging from small Phase I trials to multinational Phase III and Phase IV programs, Registries, Proof of Concept and Observational studies.

Along with this, we help your product with its success in the market with pharmacoeconomic studies. In today's health care scenario, payers are increasingly asking for more evidence about the superiority of a new product. In such a scenario, pharmacoeconomic studies can help to emphasize important data points like quality of life or drug efficacy.

Our experience encompasses various countries in North America, Europe and Asia, thereby providing you with an ideal geographic mix for your study.