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Quality Management

Leaner processes leading to impeccable quality:
We don’t always maintain the linearity in processes, rather involve other functions from the start with clear RACI set/stakeholders defined. SIRO’s processes are efficient and integrated with other departments, which ensures that the data is collected and distributed faster than ever before for drastic reduction in study timelines.  We have well defined processes to deliver world-class end to end services. Each process is governed by efficient SOPs which are in line with global regulatory requirements and best practices across industry. SIRO's vast experience has given it the ability to seamlessly switch to sponsor SOPs / processes and work culture, as and when required.

We have an established Quality Management framework and structured governance models that govern a tailored Quality Management Plan (QMP) for each customer engagement which allows transaction and process level monitoring (by Independent Quality Assurance department within SIRO). Robust quality metrics/key performance indicators help SIRO to measure, report and improve on deliverables as part of long term engagements.