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Dr. Ajit Nair chairs a session at the Bangalore India Bio 2010
SIRO Clinpharm's Dr. Ajit Nair, President, India operations chaired a session on "Meeting the challenges and actualizing the potential in clinical trials" on Friday 4th June during the Bangalore India Bio 2010, India's premier biotechnology event held at Bangalore, India from 2-4th Jun 2010.

The session's keynote speaker was Mr. D.A. Prasanna, MD & Founder Ecron Acunova with speakers being Dr. Ferzaan Engineer, CEO – Quintiles, India and Dr. Navaneetha Rao, VP Clinical Research and Development, Vicus Therapeutics, USA.

Various speakers discussed and debated on topics including Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR's) draft on the 'Biomedical Research Human Subjects Promotion and Regulation Bill', Asia's potential dominance in world pharma market in next 5 years, factors behind India's increasing dominance in clinical trials, lack of apex body to accredit investigators, paradigm shift from outsourcing to innovation and various steps to be taken to attract more number of clinical trials to India.

Bangalore Bio event is annually organized by the Department of Information Technology, Biotechnology and Science & Technology, Government of Karnataka, Vision Group on Biotechnology and MM Activ Sci-Tech Communications. This year's theme was 'Biotech for a better tomorrow'. There were 5000 business visitors who attended the event.